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Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (NCSP) in the eastern part of the Black Sea, The port situated at the crossroads of international transport corridors that connect Russia to the Mediterranean Sea, the Middle East, Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and North and South America · The only deepwater port in southern Russia. OOO Tsentr Inzhenernogo Servisa operates the deepest berths in the CIS and the Baltic region: the maximum depth is 24.5 meters at oil loading terminal and 14.5 meters at berths for Transshipment of bulk, Favorable natural conditions. Ice-free Tsemes Bay allows year-round operations, and the port's system of sea walls and breakwaters provides sufficient protection for port facilities, minimizing downtime due to weather conditions· our able covered and open storage facilities · State-of-the-art handling equipment. .


Our pipelines system are used to transport a number of substances including natural gas, fuels, hydrogen, water, beverages, and petroleum that are connected to productions sites to main trucks. We use highly trained specialists and state-of-the-art equipment to inject fuel through the pipeline system and test pipeline components involved in occurrences in order to identify and confirm safety deficiencies.

Primorsk Commercial Sea Port, operates today as a modern multi-brunch enterprise, which intakes crude and oil products from the railway tank-cars, pipeline and sea tankers, performs their storage and shipments to domestic and foreign customers, as well as provides bunkers to the ships in the ports of Primorsk, UST-LUGAL, and other ports of Baltic Sea region. Bunkering and oil handling terminal in the port of Primorsk is serving the vessels on the Baltic Sea. The terminal consists of two oil handling sites with the total storage capacity of 495,000 m3, including 119,000 m3 of the own tanks. Each oil handling site is equipped with the tanks of various storage capacity for different sorts of oil products, railway ramps for discharge of oil products from railway cisterns, oil pumping stations, vapor generating facilities and technological pipelines to transport the oil products between the sites / cisterns and to deliver it to the tankers and bunkering vessels.


Sea transportation is one of our top-priorities. We will your ship your goods to any destination worldwide as demanded by our customers. Our sea freight rates are the minimum ones. Oil tanker vessel movement is being accurately tracked by our agents in all ports terminals, ensuring the most efficient control over the shipment.

Vladivostok Sea Port is situated on north-west of the ice-free Golden Horn Bay. It was founded in 1897. Coordinates: in Lat 43°07' N and Long 131°53' E. Harbor approach depth is more than 30 m. OOO Tsentr Inzhenernogo Servisa owns the oil-processing terminal with the capacity of more than 10,000,000 tonnes of oil per month. The plant was developed for the special purpose of loading and unloading of commercial oil and gas to China, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and other Asian countries and marine fuel, which is used for bunkering of the vessels in the ports of the Far East region of Russia his enterprise was the first in the Far East to develop, construct and put into operation a new technology for discharging of high viscosity fuel oils from the railway tank-cars. As per the technology applied, heating and discharge of cold fuel oil cargoes is achieved by injecting of hot fuel oils of same grade which practically eliminates watering of fuel oils. The same enterprise was one of the first in Russia to switch the heating of fuel oil pipelines from steam to electrical power and to employ a special on-shore blender to produce bunker fuels of required viscosity also by volumes of cargo loads. OOO Tsentr Inzhenernogo Servisa Tank Farms owns the oil-processing plant with the capacity of 500,000 tonnes of oil per month. The plant was developed for the special purpose of production of marine fuel, which is used for bunkering of the vessels in the ports of the Far East region of Russia and in the fishing industry areas. A part of fuel is exported. This plant was the first dedicated bunkering fuel production facility in Russia and CIS.


Products delivery by railway has been one of the most popular and demanded, and The only disadvantage of rail cargo transportation is impossibility of cargo delivery at the final destination due to lack of approach lines. With “Medveditsk tank farm” Company this problem may be forgotten. We will receive the cargo from the shipper and deliver it to the load station with our own vehicles. When the train arrives we arrange cargo delivery from the station to the Customer’s warehouse. Our services also include.

OOO Tsentr Inzhenernogo Servisa Tank Farms located in Rotterdam complies with international standard directive, which means an extended safety management system audited annually by the local authorities. OOO Tsentr Inzhenernogo Servisa Tank Farms elected to have one system for all its terminals. This means that the terminals in all operated sea ports comply with the strictest regulations. OOO Tsentr Inzhenernogo Servisa Tank Farms located in Rotterdam port is the perfect base for clients from around the world. The storage tank terminal operates three different multi-purpose distillation units. The total storage capacity is well above 2,000,000 tons. Typical processed parcel sizes are between 1,000 and 500,000 tons . OOO Tsentr Inzhenernogo Servisa petrochemical Industrial distillation operates its own laboratory, which provides quality assurance and can also perform test distillations to determine how to process the products in the best way. Different loading and unloading terminals. Has many train Rotterdam terminals loading and discharging two terminals where containers can be eight discharged simultaneously. For maximum flexibility, all rail movements are handled with the company's.


OOO Tsentr Inzhenernogo Servisa tank farm fully operating in the area of storage and providing of logistics solutions. Handling the entire logistics chain for its customers, the company has major storage facilities sited strategically at several locations in the Russia, Netherlands and USA. With a total storage capacity of 8,100,000 cubic metres, our facilities in various port terminals allow our company to hand a highly diversified liquid fuel products, including petrochemical and jet fuel, base oils, Virgin D6 Fuel Oil products, crude oil and gasoline.

ULCT is the first Russia’s Greenfield container terminal developed in the deep sea port. At full development ULCT will be the largest and the most technologically advanced facility in Russia and Eastern Europe with depth alongside up to 19 m and throughput capacity of 3.2 M TEU. The main advantage of consolidated OOO OOO Tsentr Inzhenernogo Servisa Storage is a possibility to sufficiently decrease both financial and time expenditures since the size of the terminal may be as small as desired and the cost of storage services is based only on the product volume. Being an expert in consolidated terminal services OOO OOO Tsentr Inzhenernogo Servisa would be glad to provide you with the best practice.

All incoming gas always goes controls on basic physical and chemical properties, affecting its consumer qualities (density, the intensity of the odor). The presence of such a base storage allows to provide a rhythmic and smooth operation for all our buyers. In 2012-2013 we extended our business by building extra storages for LNG and LPG in both ports Ust-Luga and Prigorodnoye. Nowadays 80% of our storages are booked by companies which export LNG and LPG to Aisa and Europe..


OOO Tsentr Inzhenernogo Servisa is engaged in the business of Oil Products storage, via our vast Storage Tank Farms within Russian linkable terminals, terminals in Rotterdam, and Oil tanker ships along the inland waterways and coastal seas of European Russia. Our company offices are located in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, with large operations in the Baltic Sea and all terminals in Rotterdam, Amsterdam via our joint terminal venture with Vopak. Our Company has all necessary licenses of the Transport Ministry Department of Sea and River Transport of Russian Federation to carry out its activity either on Russian inland waterways or at sea and foreign sea ports.


Our mission is to provide safe, efficient and clean storage and handling services. By fulfilling our mission, we strive to be the partner of choice for all our stakeholders, from customers, business partners and investors, to governments, local communities and society at large.

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Deliver integrated multidiscipline service for safe and economical well decommissioning and abandonment.

The quality of rolled sheets, produced at the special facility, is sufficiently higher than that of the sheets, “rolled” on the floor by the hauling winches. Our enterprise guarantees the exact geometric parameters, lack of deformation and ideal welding joints.

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We deliver integrated multidiscipline service for safe and economical well decommissioning and abandonment.


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Our company Providing services in the field of oil and natural gas production,Storage and warehousing of oil and products of its processing, supplies oil products and provide services for transhipment and transportation to interested entities on the basis of modern technology,according to client demands and flexible approach to pricing.

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OOO Tsentr Inzhenernogo Servisa has all the technologies, processes, and project management expertise necessary for E&P well construction, from exploration through abandonment. Operators may benefit from OOO Tsentr Inzhenernogo Servisa simply project managing the coordination of its services and products present for a single- or multiple-rig project.






It has come to our attention that there have been attempts at impersonating OOO Tsentr Inzhenernogo Servisa by using our names in parading documents such as Tank farm receipt, vessel documents and other valuable shipping documents and several millions of United States Dollars has been lost by victim each year.